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Statement From FYBA Board Concerning Concessions Deposit

By FYBA Board, 06/12/19, 10:30PM CDT


It has been the policy of Falcons Youth Baseball for a number of years that each family with a child in the program donate some time in the concessions stand to maintain the financial viability of the program while keeping costs to families to a minimum. Unfortunately, a number of families neglected this responsibility leaving a smaller group of volunteers to work much more often. Thus, in 2018, the FYBA Board, following the example of WK Summer Softball, initiated a policy of collecting a $50 deposit that was to be refunded upon completion of the required time worked in the concession stand. Admittedly, the Board did a poor job of enforcing this policy last year but pledged to itself to do a better job in 2019. To clarify the policy moving forward:

Each family, as stated in the Handbook at registration, is required to work one shift in the concessions stand per child enrolled during the regular season and another shift during the DJP Tournament.

A $50 deposit check is required per child enrolled. This check will be held until the required shifts at concessions is complete at which point it will be destroyed. If the required work is not performed, the check will be cashed and the funds deposited in the FYBA General Fund. No checks will be cashed if there are an insufficient number of available working slots.  Checks may be given to coaches who will pass them along. 

Coaches and their families are exempt due to the immense amount of volunteer time they commit. A Coach is defined as someone who attended the Coaches Meeting, completed the required concussion protocol training, and completed a background check.

Players whose families have not turned in a $50 deposit check by 6PM Sunday evening, June 16, 2019 will be ineligible to play in games after this date until the deposit is received.

Please be aware that it is not the intent of the FYBA Board to punish players but only to ensure the long-term survival of what is a fantastic baseball program.